Like this secluded stretch of water in the Glen Valley, North East Victoria.


There are some awesome rivers just two hours from Melbourne that we’d hit together. The Stevenson, Archeron, Rubicon and Toorongo are all rivers I’ve caught fish on. Further afield, in North East Victoria, the Delatite, King, Ovens, Buckland, Cobungra, Mitta Mitta, Nariel and Bundarra are rivers that hold some of my finest fishing memories. While these waters are a bit of a trek from the big smoke, they are all well worth the effort. I also happen to know some gorgeous spots to camp or cabin. So, if you’re game for a weekender or a longer adventure then I can take you to places you’ll daydream about when you’re back home.

 How we get there:

Cycle. Nah, just kidding! I’m going to drive you there in comfort and you get to choose the radio station or playlist. A lot of places we’ll go are remote and pretty rugged so it makes more sense to get my 4WD Subaru covered in mud than to wreck your wheels. Day trips leaving from Melbourne start at my house in Fitzroy (where you can park up to 2 cars) and will take up to 2 hours, overnighters up to 3.5 hours and weekenders up to 7 hours. So, just sit back and chill because you’ll want to save your energy for the fun that lies ahead. If you need/want to make your own way to our destination, no worries, just let me know and I'll give you directions.